Walking in a giant’s footsteps: a father and son story

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Did you end up following in your parents’ footsteps? I wanted to be my own man but here I am, writing just like my dad did (only he won a BAFTA – I doubt I’ll ever do
that). Horia Dociu is around the same age as me and – with his constant effing and blinding – he talks a lot like me. He’s got a dad a bit like mine n’ all: something of a tough act to follow. And Dociu’s following in the footsteps of a real giant. His dad is none other than Daniel Dociu.

In the world of video game art, Daniel Dociu reigns supreme, with countless awards from organisations such as Into the Pixel, Spectrum and Lurzer’s Archive. He was given the Grand Master Career Achievement award by Exposé, putting him in such hallowed company as illustrator and Alien designer HR Giger.

Moreover, Daniel Dociu revolutionised Guild Wars. When he joined ArenaNet in 2003, the game looked like crap. It had no style and no identity. He established the art culture there, gave Guild Wars its painterly and ornate look. He’s the reason art leads the agenda there today, the reason art adorns the walls – and much of it is his. He’s the reason an army of 120 artists – 120 artists! – call ArenaNet home. He even rose to become overseer of all NCSoft West art.

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