High Speed Off-Roading in the Mojave Desert

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In this episode of Speed Daemons, our host Derek Mead seeks to understand the individuals and machines that venture at high speeds through the brutal terrain of the Mojave desert.

Derek gets some first hand experience of the desert with the help of legendary trophy trucker, BJ Baldwin, who drives our host at 120 miles an hour and soars 25 feet into the air. But to also tap into the history of desert off-roading, Derek spends some quality time with dune buggy spirit animal, Willie Kalajian, a man who’s dedicated many decades of his life to living in the desert and fixin’ up VW Bugs.

In this episode we learn how the extreme conditions of the Mojave desert can create such incredible pieces of technology like trophy trucks and dune buggies and colorful characters like BJ and Willie.

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